about the sanctuary

A free resource library for outward-focused worship, fuelled by a vibrant, creative house of prayer

We exist to inspire, resource and challenge the UK church to a deeper, heart-felt worship that is both upwardly (Matthew 26:6-13) and outwardly (Isaiah 58:5-12) focused. 

And to explore how to worship, pray and live in answer to Jesus’ call to love God and others - with all our passion, prayer, energy and intelligence. (Luke 10:27*)

Read more about our vision for worship here

Our work - both online and at the Sanctuary's centre - falls into two inter-dependent areas.

1. We seek to explore and embody this vision for worship at our centre as a volunteer team by:

  • Following a daily rhythm of upward and outward focused worship responding to God's heart, the headlines and key issues of concern. All of our creativity and learning comes out of this. And - of course - it is an end in itself. (Find out more about the rhythm)

  • Using our large window and town centre presence to be a provocative witness to God's love to all who walk and drive past. And exploring fresh ways to use our creative gifting to bless and witness to the community beyond out walls.

2. We try to pass on our vision for worship to other Christians online and at our centre by:

  • Creating and publishing free songs, liturgy and creative prayer ideas through our online library - where world and worship meet - these resources bring together intercession, intimacy and intent to act compassionately and have a particular emphasis on mission, peace and justice issues such as poverty, trafficking and modern-day slavery, vulnerable groups and creation care

  • Writing and sharing free articles and top tips resources that explore upward and outward focused worship and share learning, and the journey to get there. All these resources are also available in the online resource library

  • Training worshippers, worship leaders and clergy who are want to learn about both upward and outward focused worship through our prayer rhythm, specific mentoring and special events, workshops and bespoke sessions.
  • Sharing our unique space - a kinaesthetic embodiment of our vision - with individuals, churches and Christian groups who book it for their own worship and prayer, workshops or away days.

The Sanctuary was set up in response to a specific vision rather than to express the ideals of new monasticism. But there is a lot of resonance with this movement. We've also found the 'monastery' comparison helps people - especially those less familiar with Christianity - to understand a bit more about the holistic nature of the project:

* This paraphrase of the more traditional 'heart, soul, strength and mind' from Luke 10:27 is adapted from the phrasing used in The Message.