creative evangelism

as love for God's world has become an increasing focus in our worship, so our creatives have found this love leading them to take worship out into the world

All our collective's creative ideas come out of our prayer times - some become resources to help the church capture more of God's heart for the world; some become a kind of accidental evangelism, that beckons the world into worship by revealing more of God's heart for all people.

The art of love made known - installations
Initially born through our first premises' shop-front, we're now exploring lots of new ways for our art installations to take flight. Temporarily using empty high street units in different locations, holding exhibitions and engaging in street outreaches are all being discussed. While you're waiting for more news, browse our gallery of previous windows to see how it all started.

The art of love made known - creative outreach gifts
We've found giving shoppers, key figures in the community and local business owners something truly generous - that we've designed and crafted specially - has really blessed them. Beautiful but simple gifts given on shared celebration occasions such as Valentine's Day, Yorkshire Day, Christmas or Halloween, have brought smiles and opened hearts to the truly precious message they carry. Browse previous examples in our gallery

Sharing the story - short allegory give-aways
We're currently working towards offering our fourth story gift. Artist Barbara Macnish is painting the potter who forms the second central character in Liz Baddaley's The Little Clay Bird ready to give-away a powerful combination of art and story to people passing by our base this Summer.
Browse our previous story-windows and give-aways here

Introducing sparrow song - blessed are the buskers
Jazz singers Anya and Liz make up this duo which takes heavenly harmonies and hope-filled lyrics beyond the walls of the Sanctuary's base and out into public spaces such as streets, shopping centres and bandstands. Visit their page to listen to a sample

Emerging plans, including creative digital engagement
Watch this space for some new creative evangelism projects coming soon. September 2017 marks the start of a new season for the Sanctuary when new ways working and a new base in a less public location will release more capacity to support additional creative ventures to share the gospel off and online. We can't wait to get going and to share what we're planning!