our rhythm of worship and prayer

all the Sanctuary's core activities of resource creation, workshops and events are grounded in and fuelled by our daily times of worship and prayer. You are very welcome to join us.

Our rhythm is designed to shape our own working day. But we have opened it up to Christians from all traditions, and those seeking to find out more about loving God and others for the first time. 

This page is designed to help you to know what to expect when you come. Because want you to feel as comfortable and welcome as possible if you join us.

The following rhythm currently runs Monday-Friday. (Any changes to this standard schedule - due to holidays etc - are flagged up here.)

As well as the information below that tells you what happens when, you are very welcome to read about the stimuli and cycles that fuel the focus for each day's worship and intercession, so you can see the type of issues we are focusing on and how these are grounded in scripture.

9am- 10am

  • This is the Sanctuary’s main time of prayer and worship, and is consciously held at the start of the working day, as a dedication of the most productive hour to God.
  • The day’s headlines, topical issues and other ongoing needs will be responded to, often in the context of a specific name or character attribute of God (which changes daily).
  • Seeking God’s help with the day’s work ahead is also a key theme.
  • This time usually includes sung worship, open prayer and liturgy and is led, but open to contributions from those participating.
  • With a longer time period, it’s also an opportunity to sometimes explore more creative forms of outward-focused prayer and worship such as with arts, crafts, new media and a variety of other resources.




  • This shorter time enables us to pause in the middle of the day, give thanks for what’s been achieved, bring any struggles to God, and rededicate the afternoon to him.
  • Key things from the morning’s more extended time are picked up as we ask and keep on asking for God to do what is already on his heart.
  • This time usually includes a psalm reading (which changes daily) and open prayer – but occasionally liturgy or song may also be included.

End of working day
(Mon - Fri)

5pm- 5.15pm

  • This final time concludes the day's work, and gives a chance to praise God for both the achievements and struggles that lie behind, and to dedicate the evening ahead.
  • In this time we pray blessing on a specific nation (which changes daily) and again pick up on any key things from the morning time, or that have come up during the day.
  • This time is usually simple, open prayer - but occasionally liturgy or song may also be included.

The heart behind our approach

Intercession and intimacy

The Sanctuary is consciously seeking to bless, equip and resource the wider church by placing a particular emphasis on God’s heart for the poor, the broken and the nations. This has a major influence on the focus of what we sing about and what we pray for, as well as the resources we create for the wider church.

The Sanctuary is not a church. It exists to champion bringing more of an outward focus into devotion, and to promote a prayer-led approach to outreach and acts of mercy.

Therefore, the emphasis we place on intercession is deliberately higher than churches would be able to give – as they are also pastoring, teaching and discipling.

However, we care about justice, compassion and making Jesus’ love known because of who our God is and the heart he has for our world. And how we have experienced (and continue to experience) his goodness, provision and transformation in our own lives.

Therefore, our intercession is grounded in a fuller devotion which expresses praise, declaration, adoration and intimacy.

You can read more about our approach to prayer and worship on our vision page.

Style, tradition and theology

To do all this, we value bringing together the styles and learnings of a wide-range of traditions within the Christian church – both currently and throughout its rich heritage.

This is expressed in our use of modern songs alongside more traditional hymns; both liturgy and spontaneous prayer; our value for silence and noise; and our experimentation with multi-sensory, kinaesthetic and creative forms of worship – both corporately and individually.

But we want to be upfront about the theology and churchmanship out of which the Sanctuary has been born, and the fact that many of the other people closely involved will express this throughout the diversity of styles used, as we must all be authentic to what we believe.

We are more familiar with low-church settings. And we place the authority of God’s Word, and giving freedom to the Spirit, as the central defining elements in the worship and prayer we lead, as well as the resources we create.

You can read more about this on our values and heart page.

We look forward to worshipping with you soon.