sparrow song

blessed are the buskers...

"a sound like the smell of warm caramel..." - listen here

sparrow song are a duo made up of jazz singers Anya and Liz. They love singing songs they know by heart - from the heart. And they love taking these very special songs beyond church walls and into public spaces such as streets, shopping centres and bandstands. That way anyone can listen to their heavenly harmonies and hope-filled lyrics for free.

sparrow song have been taking a break, due to maternity leave for Anya and the Sanctuary's relocation. But more news and updates on plans for the future will be coming in the summer, so watch this space...

sparrow song's original artwork is copyrighted to the Sanctuary and sparrow song (All rights reserved) and has been lovingly created by Alison Helliwell-Hodson, Hilary Kemp/Chassy Caligraphy and
Verity Moon ID+CO Illustrative Design