take action

for the poor, the broken, and the nations

Prayer is powerful in itself. But we also believe we should all be part of the answer. Here are some ideas for where to start...

Ministry of encouragement

We'd like to encourage you to join the Sanctuary in its emphasis on ministering encouragement, as well as praying for, those in need and those making decisions that effect the vulnerable and voiceless. Two of the ways we are seeking to do this regularly are by:

Ideas and thoughts for taking action

These articles and practical pointer sheets explore the journey of how we can live lives of worship beyond the walls of our churches.

For more articles relating to worship and justice, go to our articles section.

Other interesting articles reflecting on taking action

The Living Below the Line Diaries

Living Below the Line - rich girl, poor girl

Recorded in two easily accessible documents, read our blog reflections which we posted daily during Live Below the Line 2012 and 2013.

Friends who can help you take action locally and globally

There are many organisations who embody the values of the Sanctuary and are engaged with practical justice work that you can support. These are just a few recommendations based on our relationships with individuals and charities:

Hear from representatives of these organisations, and other individuals in different fields, about how they are trying to put worship into action in their context, by keeping up with our guest blog.

Prayer and action - the perfect partnership

Prayer and worship are an end in themselves. To talk about 'not stopping there' gives the wrong impression. Because worship and prayer shouldn't be seen just as the start, or the motivation for action. They should surround what we do - coming before, after and during it, and being embodied as we serve.

But if faith without deeds is dead (James 2:17), then is it possible that an intercession that leads us to retreat from the world, rather than proactively love it all the more, could be dead too?

Our time in God's presence, catching his heart and seeking his will, should lead us to take action for the poor, the broken, and the nations - to love, to give, to serve, to speak up for, and to walk among them.

And our time loving, giving, serving, speaking up for, and walking among them should lead us to pray all the more passionately to our God for justice and mercy, and to praise him for his compassion, sacrifice, and resurrection life. For he is the hope - present and future - of transformation.

The Sanctuary is committed to intercessory prayer and worship as an end in themselves - to bring glory to God and to petition him for transformation.

But it stands to reason that we must be willing to be part of the change we are praying for. So we are committed to taking action - personally, and with the local church - but also through organisations which have been set up to do this.

Our vision and focus for the Sanctuary as a project is centred on prayer and worship, so that is what we are resourcing, but we want to point you to others who can help inspire, and equip you for action.