values and heart

the sanctuary is a new project built on ancient values

we seek to be God-centred

the Sanctuary is just a small part of God's kingdom.

We believe justice and worship have a very important place in God's heart. And we believe working towards the place where world and worship meet is what we have been particularly called to do. But it is not the ultimate focus of our lives.

We want everything we do to point to God - Father, Son and Spirit. It is all for him.

We pray that in everything we do we are led by the Spirit so that the work is the Father's so that Christ's love is made known to all who encounter the work of the Sanctuary.

we believe in living out the whole gospel - word and deed

We are interceding for the proclamation and advancement of the gospel, provision for the poor, healing for the broken, and the transformation of earthly systems (e.g. international trade policies) which trap people in poverty and brokenness.

We believe Christians are called to speak God's truth and sacrificially demonstrate his love to the poor, the broken, and the lost.

we believe in a gospel of grace, love and power

We seek to have a posture of humility in our prayers for, and walk amongst, those in need.

Nothing we have in ourselves makes us worthy, special or 'sorted'. Anything we have is pure saving grace from Jesus.

We want to demonstrate love to the poor, the broken, and the nations without assuming a position of superiority.

We absolutely, wholeheartedly believe that the loving gospel of Christ has the power to transform lives, systems and nations now.

we believe prayer and worship are an end in themselves and seek to be people of both

We reject the notion that what we do is more important for transforming the world than what we pray. Prayer and worship are not separate from transforming action. Nor are they a warm up for it.

We worship a God of power and love who, through his son's life, death and resurrection, has done everything necessary for the redemption and restoration of every broken life, situation and nation in our world.

We intercede to a God who can and does intervene today.

Time on our knees is never wasted time. Prayer is a great mystery but we know that it touches the heart of God; grows a love in our hearts that wasn't there before; and inspires us to be part of the answer.

we believe we must also be part of the answer to our prayers, and take action as God leads

Worship and intercession should lead us to actively seek to love and transform the people and context around us.

As we catch God's heart for people, we cannot help but put this into action.

We seek to do this humbly, and as God leads - knowing it is not by power, nor by might, but by God's Spirit, that transformation happens. (Zechariah 4:6)

we seek to particularly honour the poor and the broken because God has a special place for them in his heart

Many organisations and individuals have remarked that a bible with poverty and justice verses removed would be a bible full of holes. We agree with them.

God has a special place and priority for the poor; the widow, the orphan, the stranger - the broken (James 1:27). And Jesus spent much of his ministry on earth amongst the outcast and vulnerable of his society. Indeed, he himself was an outcast.

We unashamedly place an emphasis on the poor - especially the extreme, global poor. In doing so, we seek to redress the imbalance of our culture which puts the wealthy first.

We do also believe that many suffer from spiritual poverty, and take this seriously. In some senses we are all the poor and the broken.

But we reserve a special focus on the materially poor and the voiceless. Because we believe this is consistent with scripture, and with God's heart.

we are passionate about pursuing unity, and want to bless the whole church

the Sanctuary is not a church; it doesn't belong to a particular denomination.

We seek to serve the whole church, and to learn from the whole church.

We want to always seek unity, even where there is disagreement. What we have in common is Christ - what else compares to him?

We seek to draw from the experience, traditions and creativity of the church through the centuries, and also from the breadth of activity, focus and ideas that are being pursued by the current diverse expressions of Christ's body.

We hope that a wide variety of churches will be blessed, resourced and encouraged by the resources and ideas we publish through our worship resources section.

we want to be up-front about our own churchmanship, and the fact that we unashamedly and unavoidably write from this perspective

Whilst our co-founders' backgrounds and experience span the spectrum of rural Anglican parish to urban pentecostal free church, we do not hide that we write in a way that reflects our theology.

We seek to explore and use different styles and approaches, often as a result of inspiration from other parts of the church, but like anyone our default approach is the style we are used to, the traditions we have experienced, and the core values we hold.

We are questioners and thinkers, but we place the authority of the Word, and giving freedom to the Spirit, as central and non-negotiable to the worship and prayer we lead and the resources we create. Because this worship and prayer flows out of our walk with God - and we seek to be authentic to that.

As the Sanctuary’s core team grows to include people from diverse church backgrounds and traditions, we will seek to embrace as much of the richness of this variety as possible. But we will expect our community to always keep these two principles central.

we are committed to the local church

The Sanctuary is not a church and we believe the local church is vitally important, and the vehicle through which God has chosen to build his kingdom. We believe we need each other as believers. And that there is no substitute in a community for the relevance and impact of the local church.

But we also know the huge demands on the local church, and so we believe there is a place for specialist ministries working to support local churches explore or develop specific areas.

We believe in producing things that the local church can replicate easily with little or no budget. We prize simplicity, ease of reproduction at the same quality, speed of turn around and availability. And we favour low cost so that things can remain free for the wider church.

we want to be relevant and helpful, but also to resist being 'market led'

It is so hard to resist just creating sub-cultures. We want to be truly counter-cultural, and sometimes this means within the church, as well as within the world.

We want to be open and sensitive to the gaps of coverage and needs we perceive around us, but we want to be led by God's priorities and the things he lays on our hearts - rather than producing things just because we know they will be popular, or will plug a gap.

we are trying to follow God's agenda rather than our own, and be answerable to him only about the pace, shape and scope of this project

One of the hardest lessons we are learning on this journey is letting go of our own control on timings and carefully prescribed outcomes.

But it is something we have heard very clearly. We don't want to set up activities and initiatives in our own strength or to suit our own sense of the right timing. We don't want to lag behind where God is leading or get ahead of God and make things happen because we know these won't be as fruitful as his ways and timings will be. We don't want to assume yesterday's leading is the basis for God's plans for tomorrow either - we are as prepared to put things down as pick them up. We are trying to go one step at a time.

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