sparrow song

blessed are the buskers...

"a sound like the smell of warm caramel..." - listen here

sparrow song love singing songs from the heart - especially songs sung in response to God's love shown through Jesus.

Often these songs are more usually heard during church services. But sparrow song takes them out to share the beauty of their lyrics and melodies in all sorts of public places where everyone passing by can enjoy them.

The heart behind all this is hope. Hope they will bring joy. And hope that the heart of love these songs carry will be heard above their sound; because it is even more beautiful still.

sparrow song's original artwork is copyrighted to the Sanctuary and sparrow song (All rights reserved) and has been lovingly created by Alison Helliwell-Hodson, Hilary Kemp/Chassy Caligraphy and
Verity Moon ID+CO Illustrative Design