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prayer stations

use our creative prayer stations to pray for specific issues, people groups, countries or regions

Kinaesthetic prayer stations for congregations and small groups:

Each resource details instructions of what you need to do to put on these prayer stations and includes signs to print-out and set up each station:

Resources for use outside (no signs or set-up required):

Walk with the world:

Regional prayer stations and installations
which can either be used individually to help with intercession for a particular nation, or laid out together to use in global prayers. W
e are gradually adding more regions and nations to this resource.

Global: Pray in the zone (journey round the world in 24 hours... or even less!)

Continents: Africa (plus printouts)  |  Europe (plus printouts)

Separate countries: Bangladesh (plus printouts) | UK (plus printouts) | Zimbabwe (plus printouts)